Let's Get Airbrushed...

Let's Get Airbrushed...

flawless, the aim for everyone

I'm sure a lot of makeup lovers wil agree that flawless, airbrushed makeup is what everyone longs for.

Nowadays, there are so many products on the market that claim to create an airbrushed base or finish. In my opinion, it is not always the product that produces this, but it is in fact the way in which products are used and applied, and what tools are used.


Even before any makeup is applied, the condition of the skin plays a major role in the overall makeup look. Fresh, cleansed and moisturised skin, regardless of skin type, is the perfect starter for makeup.

Personally, when the skin is prepped properly, a primer isn't always necessary. Of course, with certain skin types and for individual people, primer may be an essential part of a makeup look... but for me, an illuminator is much more important. Of course, oilier skin types may steer clear, or use less of illuminators to avoid the 'wet' look, but I think the perfect glowy goddess look can be created with just the right amount.

For me, I stick to Mac Strobe Cream in Original or Peachlite (depending on the makeup look) as it glides over the skin, moisturises and provides a great amount of glowiness without looking oily. I find that my makeup sits a lot better on top of a Strobe Cream base, and aids in making my skin looking more flawless and airbrushed.


No matter what base you're going for, whether it be typical foundation or a BB cream, application process is key

I have always counted on makeup brushes to create the perfect look, until a couple of years ago when I invested in the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques. I used to dot foundation round my face, blend it with a brush and then dab over the top with a dry sponge... SHOCK... yes I said dry sponge. I thought the finish I was achieving was flawless and airbrushed and didn't understand why everyone insisted on using a damp beauty sponge.

That was until January 2017, when I thought to actually try it. I used a zoeva brush to spread some L'Oreal True Match around my face, and went on to blend it out using the RT sponge. That was the moment my makeup game changed. I have never, not, used my Miracle Complexion Sponge when applying foundation. No matter what product I apply, it absorbs the excess product, disperses it beautifully and presses it into the skin so the finish is actually flawless. Using this sponge has made me realise that airbrushed makeup does exist, and this is how you get it!


To complete any makeup look, I always press Laura Mercier Loose Powder under my eyes and dust around the face. This powder somehow blurs imperfections, and creates a perfect 'seal' over the makeup showing off the best of your skin and reflecting light perfectly.

To finish, I use a spritz of Mac Fix Plus+ to just diffuse any powdery look to the skin, and allow any highlight to shine as well as your airbrushed makeup.


Mac Strobe Cream (or a drugstore alternative e.g. L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base)
Miracle Complexion Sponge
Laura Mercier Powder
Mac Fix Plus+


I hope you all enjoyed my top tips on how to achieve flawless, airbrushed makeup.

Lots of Love, Megan xo

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