My Morphe Brush Collection and Review!

My Morphe Brush Collection and Review!

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Morphe Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands, primarily because of the ridiculously amazing quality of their eyeshadow palettes (and my personal favourite the 35O), but also because of their brushes quality, range and price. I already had a couple of Morphe brushes that I'd ordered on top of large orders before, which were really cheap additions, but before Christmas I needed some new brushes for my collection so I watched some of Jaclyn Hill's videos, as well as a few bloggers Instagram pages to see some recommendations. With my previous Morphe Brushes, I know how well made the brushes are, and how soft and easy to use they are so I jumped right in and bought a bunch to add to my collection. I always hear mixed reviews about Morphe Brushes, with some people saying they're scratchy and don't blend very well, so I also wanted to get a few more so I could test them out more and make more of an informed decision on their quality.

 My Morphe Brushes:

Morphe B47 Chisel Blush Brush 

The B47 is densely packed badger and goat hair in a dome shape, which fits perfectly underneath my cheekbones to contour and bronze up my face, and even on top of the apples of my cheeks to add a pop of blush. I love that it is quite big, as it covers a bigger area in one stroke.

Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender Brush

The M501 is a tapered, synthetic textured brush which reminds me of the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlight brush. I feel like the M501 is much better, as it has much more flexible and softer bristles, and it is more petite making it the perfect brush for applying highlighter precisely and blending it in beautifully. 

M504 Large Pointed Blender Brush 

The M504 is basically a smaller version of the M501, not too much smaller but small enough for it to be the PERFECT eyeshadow blending brush. The sable bristles are really flexible and soft, and the ends are even tapered to ensure the blending stays precise but nicely diffused. I love this brush; if you are to get any of these brushes I speak about let it be this or the M504!

Morphe M415 Deluxe Sable Shader Brush MB15 Firm Shadow Brush Morphe M333 Chisel Shader Brush 

So I've joined these 3 brushes up to speak about together, because quite frankly they're basically the same. I'd say out of all my Morphe brushes, these were the most disappointing purchases. The M333 and M415 are both sable bristles, same shape, just different colour bristles. These both brushes are really chunky, there are so many hairs that make it a really thick brush width and depth ways, and so the denseness and thickness of the brushes makes it really difficult to actually apply a shade because there's just nothing precise about them or their application. As for the MB15, this is an even chunkier version of the M333. Out of the 3, I do prefer the MB15, as its almost a mini kabuki brush so after priming my eyelids, I use this occasionally to just pack on a neutral shade all over to set the lids which it works very well in doing so. But as I said, I wouldn't really recommend these brushes to anyone.

Morphe E29 Elite Angled Brow/Spoolie Brush

This brush, is my life! I definitely don't know how I lived before I had this brush. First off, it has a Spoolie and so this just makes everything 10 times better anyway. The brush itself is so thin and firm, but equally as soft making my brow application very precise, to the point where 80% of the time I don't even need concealer to tidy up. My brow routine now is so quick and easy as the brush distributes the product through my brows so evenly that it takes me less than a minute per brow, and the brush is quite wide meaning it covers a bigger area each stroke! If you're looking for an eyebrow brush, this is one investment you wont regret. PS. It is a million times better than the Anastasia Eyebrow Brush in my opinion.

Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan Brush

The M310 is the fluffiest and softest out of them all. The name is quite deceiving as the brush is really quite small, but that's even better as it is the perfect size to fit just on top of the cheek bone and highlight to the gods. This brush picks up product at a good amount, meaning you can never go overboard by accident (not that going overboard would be a big deal haha!) and diffuses the product well with its fluffy bristles.

Morphe M180 Tapered Powder Brush

The M180 is a large powder brush, it is so soft to touch but is a lot less dense than the B47 brush. I actually love the fact the bristles are much less packed, as product can be distributed over a larger area so the face has less product on overall. I love using this brush with my Laura Mercier powder to set the face in areas I don't bake (jaw bone and forehead). This powder can get a little cakey, so using this ensures my face is perfectly coated with just enough coverage.

Morphe M405 Contour Blush Brush

The M405 is such a cute brush, it is a little bit smaller than my Sigma F40 Blush Brush, but the bristles are much more pleasant for the cheeks. The goat hairs are not very dense, which makes it perfect as the fluffiness applies blusher so well and ensures that the whole cheek is gorgeously flushed. The brush glides over the skin, so there's never too much rosiness to the cheeks and it is small enough to just fit perfectly on to the cheeks for precise application.

Morphe M124 Firm Shadow Brush

The M124 is a really small brush, quite tapered and not very dense. To be honest, there's nothing special to say about this brush. It doesn't apply shadow very well unfortunately as it seems to keep hold of the majority of the product so it's quite hard to build up pigment with. Yep, I do find myself reaching for numerous brushes before this one, which is sad, but it just didn't live up to my expectations.

Morphe M335 Chubby Buffer Brush

The M335 is actually quite a nice brush to have in a collection. It is a really dense oval brush, but with quite long bristles making it quite unusual. It is way too dense for blending out shadow, and so I use this brush to prime my eye lids with concealer/paint pot and then set under the eyes, and above the eye lids which it does perfectly. I don't like using brushes to blend out concealer under the eyes as the beauty blender does it perfectly for me, but if you use a brush to do so you would love this! 

Morphe M224 Oval Camouflage Brush

The M224 is essential in my brow routine. It is a big concealer brush, with really sturdy bristles making carving out the eyebrows an easy job. I use this brush to apply cream product/concealer to my eyelids to prime and also to apply contour/highlight before blending too as it is the perfect size to apply enough product under the cheek bones.


All in all, I can honestly say Morphe Brushes are great. Yes, some of them aren't so good, but for the price of them and the quality, there's really not much to complain about. I've spent £20 on a single Sigma brush once, which really weren't so good at what it was supposed to do so it just shows you, sometimes they just don't work for certain people no matter what the brand is!

So, I'd love to hear if any of you have tried Morphe Brushes before and what you thought of them? Also, is there any brushes that you think are a MUST HAVE for someone's collection? I'm always on the lookout for the perfect brushes, because we all know that the brush is just as important as the product!

Hope you enjoyed reading my honest reviews of Morphe Brushes!

Lots of love, Megan xo

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