Aims for 2017!

Aims for 2017!

It's gonna be a good year...


I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me that 2016 wasn't an exceptional year in general, for me personally, for the UK or for the World. 

As I've not posted in a long, long while I thought I'd explain why a little. From November, my Nan who suffered from Dementia took ill in hospital and so for the majority of the month my mind wasn't really focused on Blogging, as imaginable, and she sadly passed away at the end of November which was a heartbreaking time for me and all the family; dealing with that had my mind occupied for most of December. I also lacked a bit of imagination and motivation to post throughout December, which was frustrating and I was angry at myself, hence why there's been no content. 

With 3 January exams looming including 2 Pharmacology exams, it is hard to plan around my revision but as of the 26th I'll be officially free... until the Summer exams. But, I feel as though seeing the back of 2016 and changing a few things in my life have completely changed my mindset and I feel more motivated and passionate than ever as I realised my life can only be as good as I make it, which I intend to follow!

I don't usually set myself New Years' Resolutions but I thought due to the way the year ended, I needed to. The things I want from 2017:

I want to focus on my weight and fitness...

Over the last 6/7 months I really piled on the weight without realising, maybe moving into my student flat had something to do with that (Domino's every week and Doritos every day haha!) and so I wasn't feeling as self-confident as I once was.

I've changed my diet and eating habits completely... I have decided to cut out drinking fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets and take away food, and replace that with fresh cooked meals with vegetables, and encorporate nuts into my diet as well as vitamin enriched foods. I've changed from drinking normal tea, to drinking Green Tea- Twinings have the most amazing Pineapple and Grapefruit infused tea! Making fresh smoothies with a mix of fruit and some vegetables has also been beneficial in getting my 5 a day (which I NEVER have), and I'm hoping to get a juicer this month too! 

With that, I've started the gym again where I'm focusing on all over body weight-loss, as well as toning my arms which have always been a problem area for me. I'm actually really proud of myself for being consistent with my diet and fitness plans, as I now feel energised all the time and I feel good from within. It is true what they say, you are what you eat.

I want to put more effort into my degree...

Studying Pharmacology can be hard at times, and with many different modules and lecturers and such difficult content it can all get a bit too much sometimes, but as I said I kind of lost passion for everything at the end of last year but I feel much more determined to do the best I possibly can. I'm revising hard for my January exams, and I'm looking forward to getting back to lectures on the 30th!

I want to increase my Blog views and make more connections with other Bloggers...

With my lack of content lately it's been hard to keep people engrossed, obviously. I have been consistent on my social media's since the beginning of the year which is so helpful in gaining new blog readers, and other Bloggers, but I'm aiming to make my content the best it's been for this year and I've decided on set days for when my new blog posts will be posted, every Monday and Thursday, with daily posts on my Instagram feed (@forevermeg.xo)!

 Also, I want to undertake a Makeup Course...

I've been in contact with a Makeup Artist Academy who provide courses for Fashion and Photo Makeup, in which I'd gain a Level 3 Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT), as I'd love to learn the art more with professionals and gain experience within the Beauty Industry. 

I want to get some more tattoos and piercings.

I only have 2 tattoos currently, one most recently in memory of my Nan. Although a lot of people are against them, I actually love tattoos and I have a couple in mind for the next few months! As for piercings, its nothing adventurous, I just love ear piercings and as I only have my lobes and tragus pierced, I'd love to get a couple more around my ears.

I want to have good hair and skin...

I've been focused lately on my skin and hair, as I feel like sometimes I completely abandon both of them. I started to realise, my skin will never improve if I don't help it, so obviously with my changed diet helping it already as well as taking supplements such as Cod Liver Oil. I'm also testing out a few new products for my new skin care routine. Liz Earle is really shouting out to me at the minute and I think I'm going to take the plunge and get her full set, and I've ordered the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner which is meant to be outstanding (watch this space for a review!)

I want to

I've never been a big reader, but I have been bought quite a few books over the last few months that I need to get through. One is How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, which I have started and absolutely love! and I have a few makeup/beauty books that I know I'll love when I get round to them. Also, I've wanted to read The Secret for a long while and since watching Holly Boon's video at the end of December about the Law of Attraction and her mentality, it really inspired me and has had an influence on my outlook of life. So I downloaded Audible, and have been listening to The Secret before bed which is amazing! 

So, hopefully my year will be as amazing as I'm imagining with a sunny holiday in the mix somewhere, I'm really excited for the next few months!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year like I did, have you made any New Year's Resolutions or started a New Year's Diet? Comment below on how they're getting on I'd love to hear!

Lots of love, Megan xo



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