My 5 Fave Lip Products

My 5 Fave Lip Products

a little lipstick never hurt nobody

Left to right:  ABH Metallic Rose, MAC Velvet Teddy, NYX Bedtime Flirt, L'Oreal J Lo's Nude and Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink.

Left to right: ABH Metallic Rose, MAC Velvet Teddy, NYX Bedtime Flirt, L'Oreal J Lo's Nude and Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink.

We all know, like fashion, that makeup has its trends. The transition between Summer and Autumn is heartbreaking for me because summer makeup is my absolute fave. However, one thing that never changes for me is my fave lip shades/products.

If I had to describe my everyday (and night out) lip... it is Nude Pink. I think nude pink shades are completely versatile. Any skin tone or eye look, from just mascara or a little bit of shadow to a full black smokey eye or a glitter eye, is complimented by a nude lip. Whereas the likes of red/purple lipsticks are harder to wear, I always need a particular look to pull them off otherwise I look so strange. 

In the swatches above, you can see the peachy nude undertones in the 5 products, I adore them all. Most days, I line my lips with a collection lip liner in a nude shade just because I go through pencil after pencil, but if I'm going out I always go for my Spice liner or Whirl (both by MAC) because they blend perfectly with so many nude pink shades.

Here are my 5 faves:

Anastasia Beverley Hills in Metallic Rose- This lip gloss is from the Lustrous Lips set. This is my all time favourite lip gloss. It is so pigmented, which is hard to find with a lip gloss, and it lasts so long on my lips. It is a muted deep pink shade with browny tones that shine through. I love a glossy lip on bright days when you're highlighted to the Gods.

MAC Velvet Teddy- Everyone knows about Velvet Teddy. It is the typical nude pink matte shade. This looks amazing with any makeup whatsoever. The peachy tones come through and mix with the nude to make the most gorgeous pink. As all MAC lipsticks, this lasts so long and when applying over Spice lip liner, it is perfect. 

NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt- This is my newest lip product, and its one of very few of my collection that are liquid lipsticks. NYX are famous for their matte lip creams, but this Lip Lingerie is sooo much better in my opinion. The shade is a gorgeous pale nude, that dries to the 'Kylie Jenner' lip shade that every body wants, and it doesn't dry crispy or uncomfortable. 

L'Oreal J Lo's Nude- Since the day L'Oreal brought out the Colour Riche Exclusive Nude Collection, I've restocked J Lo's nude more than 5 times. Have you ever been stuck with what to put on your lips, when you want something but not something too obvious? This is the lipstick you need. I wear this almost every day because its so creamy, subtle and nude that it just works. It is so comfortable to wear, the formula reminds me of MAC Cream Sheens. I'll never not love this shade.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Penelope Pink- What more could you want than Charlotte Tilbury and nude pink lips. This again, is really creamy but definitely has more pigment than L'Oreal. This is definitely one of my most nude lip shades I own, and just looking at the swatch shows you why. Its absolutely stunning and is the only shade I go to when I'm going somewhere special because you can just see its quality shining out.

I do have other lip shades that I really love, but these are my ALL TIME favourites that I'll always buy over and over again. Can any of you guys recommend some lip shades for me? I'd love to find more favourites, so comment all the nude shades you can think of down below!

PS... I'm sorry this blog post has taken longer than usual to post, I've been moving into my new student flat this week so I have been super super busy... a blog post will follow soon with a Room Tour though!  

Lots of love, Megan xo

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