How To: Brows

How To: Brows

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There's no doubt that eyebrows are one of the most important features of any makeup look. They completely shape the face, so whether its a 'no makeup makeup' or 'full glam', a good brow is essential. Thankfully, the sharpie style block brow trend died out, but there's still a debate going about which brow is better... the defined, arched sharp brow or the now popular, fluffy, natural and thick brow. Personally, the defined, arched sharp brow always wins for me, I feel like it looks a lot more polished and works with any eye look.

I thought I'd show you all step by step, how I actually fill in my brows. For many years, I used the Sleek Au Naturel Palette and mixed the browns and black with a Revlon angled brush, but for some reason, it never gives me as nice a finish lately and so I've resorted to finding a new brow combination. Don't get me wrong, if I'm in a rush or don't have time to fully perfect my brows, I will grab the Sleek Palette because its easy and VERY fast. However, when I have the time to do my eyebrows perfectly and spend a bit longer making sure they look good, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown is everrrrrrything!

Here, I'll talk you through each step I take, until the perfect brow is upon us: 

(Please excuse the dry skin on my eyelids, the cold weather flares my Psoriasis up unfortunately...)

Step 1: A clean eyebrow, after moisturising, all ready to be perfected. 

(I'm growing my brows out, for waxing, which explains the magnitude of strays haha!)

Step 2: Comb through the brows with the spooly end of the ABH brush, or any alternative, to make sure all hairs are in the right place before filling in.

Step 3: Start by drawing a straight line, starting lighter at the beginning of the brow, and using a heavier hand towards the arch.

Step 4: Draw a straight line, from the end of first line, down to the tail of your brow.

Step 5: This time starting around a quarter of the way into the brow, draw a line along the top of the brow, right along to the corner of the arch, and follow this round and down to meet the previous line, at the tail of the brow. 

Step 6: Now you have completely outlined the whole brow, fill in the inside of the brow using the pomade, using small and long brush strokes, to ensure the whole gap is filled in, and leaving the front portion of the eyebrow empty.


Step 7: Now from the slightly extended line on the bottom of the brow, place the angled brush flat against the skin, and softly brush up taking the excess product up and feathering it up to the top line. Once the front portion is now lightly filled in, take what's left on the brush, and draw a faint line from the start of the brow on top, and connect it to the line starting a quarter of the way in.

Step 8: Using a synthetic concealer brush, take a tiny bit of concealer and run it along underneath the brow in a straight line, just cleaning up to edges of the product, as well as along the tail of the brow to get a nice sharp finish.

Step 9: Take some brow mascara, and lightly brush it through the brows to set them in place, and if you're going on to eyeshadow, coat your eyelid in Soft Ochre Paint Pot by MAC to cancel out all deep undertones and you're ready to go!

I hope you have all enjoyed finding out my hints and tricks to get a perfect brow, if you have any tips for me just leave them in the comments below, I'm always looking for new ideas! 

Lots of love, Megan xo

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